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Fall 2010 U.S. Immigrant Alert! Newsletter
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From Ground Zero to U.S. –Mexico Border – Anti-Immigrant Racism Still Clear Exists!

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1) NISN Statement
2) ADC Denounces Islamophobia
3) GOP and 14th Amendment
4) NDLON Sign-On
5) News on Militarizing U.S.-Mexico Border
6) 10/2 One Nation Working Together
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Statement from National Immigrant Solidarity Network
Regarding the Islamophobia, Obama’s Failed Promises on Immigrant Rights
and It’s Rapid Militarization of U.S.-Mexico Border

The recent ultra-racist right wing’s hateful and Islamophobic rhetoric over the proposed Park51 Community Center in Lower Manhattan (the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”) and the Muslim faith in general; the Republican racist anti-immigrant campaigns to call to end the 14th Amendment birthright citizenships—mainly against the Latino undocumented immigrants and their children; and the Democratic-party led U.S. Congress passing multi-million dollars funding on militarizing the U.S.-Mexico border, once again clearly shows the deep-loot of racism in our society—regardless if Republican or Democrats in the Congress, in the issue of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and anti-immigrants--they’re the same.

With U.S. war and occupation in Afghanistan--as well as fake “withdraw” from Iraq--getting deeper and desperate; with rich (mainly white) getting more richer, poor getting more poor; the decline and fall of the U.S. economy is unavoidable—Internationally, U.S. will desperately invade, occupy and steal other countries wealth; while domestically will deeper exploit the poorest poor (mainly immigrants and people of colors) on the same time blaming them all the problem to justify the exploitation.

We need NOW the ever rise up to fight against the racism and injustice, we should all actively linking our issues with different other struggles: wars in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine & Korea with sweatshops exploitation in Asia as well as in Los Angeles, New York; international arm sales and WTO, FTAA, NAFTA & CAFTA with AIDS, hunger, child labors and child solider; as well as multinational corporations and economic exploitation with racism and poverty at home—in order we can win the struggle together in this critical moment of time!

Lee Siu Hin
National Coordinator
National Immigrant Solidarity Network

Call to Action! One Nation Working Together -- March on Washington DC!

October 2, 2010 Washington DC

On October 2, U.S. local and national peace organizations will be a vital part of the coalition of progressive organizations marching in D.C. as One Nation Working Together!

The last 18 months have been tough for the anti-war/peace movement. Progressive activism has been muffled and the hundreds of thousands we were able to turn out in the past have stayed home. All of that is about to change!

The rise of the Tea Party movement and profound disappointment with the slow pace of real change has slapped many people in the face. They are waking up from a post election daze to the realization that it takes a movement to make change happen. In this context, a new initiative called One Nation Working Together has emerged.

National Immigrant Solidarity Network had decided to endorse the call and encourage immigrant rights, peace, youth, labor and community activists from different faith and ethnic groups to come to Washington DC at October 2nd!

Other major endorsing organizations includes: The NAACP, 1199 SEIU, the National Council of La Raza, Green for All, Center for Community Change and the United States Student Association initiated this campaign, and more than 150 other national and local groups have already signed on. The growing list of participating organizations includes United for Peace and Justice, Veterans For Peace, Peace Action, US Labor Against the War, Code Pink, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Progressive Democrats of America, United National Antiwar Committee, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance and other peace groups. Labor participation includes the AFL-CIO, AFT, SEIU, CWA, Transport Workers Union, Unite/HERE, UFCW and others. Some of the other national organizations that are part of this effort are: USAction, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Campaign for America's Future, National Action Network, Center for American Progress, Jewish Funds for Justice, and more!

Now is the time to commit to making this mobilization and emerging local and national coalitions a success! See you in Washington DC at October 2nd!


ADC Denounces Islamophobia - Calls for National Unity 
Washington, DC August 23, 2010
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) denounces the hateful and Islamophobic rhetoric over the course of the past few weeks which is aimed in particular at the proposed Park51 Community Center in Lower Manhattan and the Muslim faith in general.   The Community Center will feature recreational programs and services for all community members regardless of religious affiliation or faith – in fact, an interfaith Center.  The Center does have a prayer room, yet this alone does not define the true character of the building.  Islamophobic elements opposing the Center have wrongly branded it as a “mosque at ground zero,” and used their hateful rhetoric to preempt the construction of the much-needed facility.  The facts are that the Center is NOT at “ground zero;” and, in any event, even if it were, we must not forget that many Muslims were also victims (as passengers on the planes, workers at the World Trade Center, and first responders) of  9/11.  Muslims in the United States have been further victimized by simply being of the Islamic faith, an un-American and shameful tactic that fans the flames of hatred, ignorance, and bigotry.

As the New York City Mayor, the Honorable Michael Bloomberg, said, "We would betray our values and play into our enemies' hands if we were to treat Muslims differently than anyone else."   As Americans, we should not allow misinformation and hatred to deprive private citizens of the right to build a house of worship or a community center on private property.  ADC adds that in the face of the ongoing misinformation and hateful campaigns, silence is not an option.  

ADC, a non-sectarian and non-partisan civil rights and civil liberties organization, is comprised of members that practice all faiths -- including Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  The Constitution has enumerated rights for all citizens of this great Nation, and religious neutrality has inspired the free exercise of every religion.  The basic fundamental rights granted by the First Amendment apply to all Americans, regardless of race, religion or national origin.  Denying an individual his or her right to practice religion is not only unconstitutional, but also un-American.  Denying the development of the Park51 Community Center is the type of activity the founding fathers of this Nation hoped would not occur after the ratification of the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, as such rights extend to developers and owners of the Park51 Community Center in lower Manhattan.  

The use of hate tactics is not limited to the Park51 development plan.  Over the course of the past year there has been a substantial increase in the number of political candidates using Islamophobic tactics in an effort to leverage votes, and use such tactics as a platform to enhance their political visibility.  Such hate-filled strategies once identified African Americans, Jewish Americans, and other communities as scapegoats to further political aims.   Such political demagoguery, plain and simple, is nothing short of racist, xenophobic, and unacceptable; and it is counterproductive to American values and Constitutional rights.    

The sad reality is that currently the only form of permissible racism and prejudice is that targeting Arabs and Muslims.  Many campaigns are vilifying Muslim and Arab Americans.  ADC asks that all national and local community organizations speak up against such hateful and ardent discrimination, and not partake in actions that are aimed at dividing us internally as a Nation. 

We as Americans are at a moment in history where unity and tolerance is needed now more than ever.  The economic status has left millions in this nation living below poverty guidelines, and many of them homeless.  Cities in the Midwest, such as Detroit, have experienced the closing down of factories, schools and learning institutions.  Some cities have unemployment rates exceeding 20% while other cities cannot afford to offer basic governmental services, such as collecting trash, providing transportation, and maintaining public property.  Economic crisis compels our Nation to galvanize and work collaboratively toward a common goal, instead of turning against one another.

It is those economic issues that affect millions of Americans and have a direct impact on their lives.  The politicization of issues such as the Park51 Community Center, and the vilification of Muslim and Arab Americans, are not in the best interest of our Country; on the contrary, they are inimical to our Nation’s domestic and international standings. We believe that as a Nation we should and must domestically invest our energy on the "war on drugs," and on a sustained effort to create jobs and improve our economy.  

Racism and prejudice, in whatever form, cannot be tolerated.  The United States is built upon its people’s rich diversity and multiculturalism, and Islam has long been a part of that American social mosaic.  Therefore, Islamophobia must be wholly rejected and opposed.  Americans, of all faiths and backgrounds, should be free to practice their faith without fear and prejudice, as safeguarded by the First Amendment, and devoid of political demagoguery. 


Useful Immigrant Resources on Detention and Deportation

Face Sheet: Immigration Detention--Questions and Answers (Dec, 2008) by:

Thanks for GREAT works from Detention Watch Network (DWN) to compiled the following information, please visit DWN website:

Tracking ICE's Enforcement Agenda
Real Deal fact sheet on detention
Real Deal fact sheet on border

- From Raids to Deportation-A Community Resource Kit
- Know Your Rights in the Community (English, Spanish)
- Know Your Rights in Detention
- Pre-Raid Community Safety Plan
- Raids to Deportation Map
- Raids to Deportation Policy Map

More on Immigration Resource Page


Useful Handouts and Know Your Immigrant Rights When Marches
Immigrant Marches / Marchas de los Inmigrantes

Immigrants and their supporters are participating in marches all over the country to protest proposed national legislation and to seek justice for immigrants. The materials available here provide important information about the rights and risks involved for anyone who is planning to participate in the ongoing marches.

If government agents question you, it is important to understand your rights. You should be careful in the way you speak when approached by the police, FBI, or INS. If you give answers, they can be used against you in a criminal, immigration, or civil case.

The ACLU's publications below provide effective and useful guidance in several languages for many situations. The brochures apprise you of your legal rights, recommend how to preserve those rights, and provide guidance on how to interact with officials.

Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement
| Conozca Sus Derechos Frente A Los Agentes Del Orden Público

ACLU of Massachusetts - Your Rights And Responsibilities If You Are Contacted By The Authorities English | Spanish | Chinese

ACLU of Massachusetts - What to do if stopped and questioned about your immigration status on the street, the subway, or the bus
| Que hacer si Usted es interrogado en el tren o autobus acerca de su estatus inmigratorio

ACLU of South Carolina - How To Deal With A 287(g)
| Como Lidiar Con Una 287(g)

ACLU of Southern California - What to Do If Immigration Agents or Police Stop You While on Foot, in Your Car, or Come to Your Home
| Qué Hacer Si Agentes de Inmigración o la Policía lo Paran Mientras Va Caminando, lo Detienen en su Auto o Vienen a su Hogar

ACLU of Washington - Brochure for Iraqis: What to Do If the FBI or Police Contact You for Questioning English | Arabic

ACLU of Washington - Your Rights at Checkpoints at Ferry Terminals
| Sus Derechos en Puestos de Control en las Terminales de Transbordadores

Immigrant Protests - What Every Worker Should Know:
| Manifestaciones de los Inmigrantes - Lo Que Todo Trabajador Debe Saber

ACLU of Florida Brochure - The Rights of Protesters
| Los Derechos de los Manifestantes

Washington State - Student Walkouts and Political Speech at School
| Huelgas Estudiantiles y Expresión Política en las Escuelas

California Students: Public School Walk-outs and Free Speech
| Estudiantes de California: Marchas o Huelgas y La Libertad de Expresión en las Escuelas Públicas


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