July 2017 China Delegation Photos

Beijing: City, History and Culture
- Beijing Capital International Aiport
- Morden Beijing City View
- Old Town
- Tianmen Square
- Ming Tombs
- Great Wall
- Forbidden Palace

Beijing and Shanghai: Political System, Activism and Revolution
- July 2nd Meeting with Beijing Left-Wing Activists
- Beijing Democracy Building (Office for the China's Third Parties)
- Beijing LugouQiao (Marco-Polo Bridge)
- Museum of the war of the Chinese people against the Japanese aggression (Beijing)
- Shanghai Sihang Warehouse Battle Memorial
- Chinese Communist Party Members-Pledge at the Historical Revelatory Monuments
- Western Imperialist/Colonial History in China
- Political Slogans at the Public Place
- LuXun

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Beijing Pi Cun Worker Cultural Center and Tongxin Primarily School

Liang Nuo Clothing Factroy at Miyun District

Beijing Meetings
- Beijing Friendship Association
- Meeting with European Migrants in China, about thei life and views of China

On The Road..
- High-Speend Train from Beijing to Shanghai..
- "Public Square" Dancing
- Funny Chinese Translation Signs...

China Medical System- Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Beijing: Rural Areas and Villages
Malan Village, Mentougou District
CaiJiaWa Village, Miyun District
- Village Collective Organic Farm
- Organic Tofu Factory
- Village Apartments
- Village Kindergarten and Primary School
- JuGeZhang Township Community Clinic

China-US Relations

Shanghai: Old and New..
Former Republic Of Korea Interim Government office in Shanghai, China (1910s-1930s)
- Meeting With Medical Professionals in Shanghai

Shanghai Comfort Women History Museum

7/8 Shanghai Left-Wing Activist Meeting and Dinner

High-Tech: Beijing Zhongguancun Exhibition Center
Shanghai Xinchejian Makers Space
Battery-Powered Mini Car
High-Speed Railroad Station

Working Class
- Beijing Union Members Benefit Card
- Typical Hiring Announcement (With Salary and Benefit) in Shanghai's Mid-Range Store
- Village's "Left-Over" Children Painting and Their Stories Behind

Yangtze River Delta Region: Historical Towns
- Yangzhou: Slim West Lake
- Zhengjiang: Former British Concession and Former British Consulate


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